Geo News Headlines Today 09 PM | Bilawal Bhutto | Shehbaz Sharif | Speaker | 19th March 2022

#GeoHeadlines 09 PM | 19th March 2022 | #GEONEWS

00:00 Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto said they won’t let the OIC meeting happen. They said if Speaker National Assembly did not proceed No-Confidence Motion on Monday they will not leave the house

00:45 Sheikh Rashid warned the Opposition that no one can stop OIC Conference

01:20 Imran Khan has given the call of protest against the deviated PTI MNAs

02:29 AG briefed Imran Khan from the remarks of Supreme court

02:54 PTI members protest against deviated MNAs / PTI Youth Wing at the house of deviated PTI MNA Wajiha Qamar in Shakargarh

03:36 Supreme Court remarks on No-Confidence Motion

04:41 PTI issued show-cause notices to 14 eccentric members

05:22 Mariyam comments on No-confidence motion

05:46 Aun Chaudhary was contacted by Pervaiz Khattak and requested from Tareen Group to hold important decisions

06:17 Fawad Chaudhary replied bluntly to the deviant members of Parliament

07:18 Alleged MNAs and members in Sindh House mob attack released within an hour

08:07 Meeting of Opposition leaders in Islamabad

08:37 Shahbaz Sharif was criticized by Fawad Chaudhary

09:23 Shahbaz Sharif indicated to appoint their own Chairman Senate

10:33 No-Confidence Motion against CM KPK

11:12 PTI MNA Noor Alam was humiliated and threatened by PTI workers

11:40 Najeeb Haroon said He never asked for PM’s resignation

12:14 PTI MNAs started to abuse their opponents on National TV

12:43 Old video of Imran Khan about “lota” discovered

13:05 Ghee and Oil prices went on top

13:34 IMF reservations went up after PM subsidized petrol and Gas prices

13:58 White House avoids responding to questions related to Imran Khan

14:26 Anthem of OIC released

14:44 Practice session of Pak Australia teams in Qaddafi Stadium

15:13 SLF in Arts Council underway

15:34 Veteran Mohammad Ali’s 16 death anniversary

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