Gibson GA-30RVT Invader How To Fix Repair and Bias by Lee Jackson

This Video has Lee Jackson taking you step by step, showing you how to fix, repair and bias your 1964 Gibson GA-30RVT Invader Tube Amplifier,

This video covers:
Testing, Biasing and Final Setup.
Replacing Power Capacitors.
Step By Step Disassembly and Assembly of Amp.
Cleaning and Repair.

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——WARNING Disclaimer—— Tube amplifiers contain high voltages that can be lethal, even if the amplifier has been “OFF” for some time. It is not recommended to open your amplifier or try to perform any repair or modifications, operations, unless you are properly trained in electronics servicing. Lee Jackson, Lee Jackson Amplifiers and/or his affiliates accept no responsibility for accidents resulting in personal injury, death, or destruction of property. As mentioned above, there are VERY large voltages present in your amplifier that can KILL even with the amplifier unplugged from the wall! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION IN YOUR MIND WHETHER YOU CAN DO THIS SAFELY – YOU CAN’T! – SEEK EXPERIENCED HELP
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