GIBSON Les Paul Custom 2021 Review & Demo! (Is It Worth The Price??)

Thanks for watching this review and demo of my brand new Gibson Les Paul Custom Customshop Black Beauty from 2021. I got this guitar very recently, it's a dream guitar. But was it worth the price and how is the quality? How does it sound and what are the features? Let's find out!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The signal chain:

- Gibson Les Paul Custom
- Amp Heads (ENGL Fireball 100, Wangs 2204HW & Victory Super Kraken)
- RedSeven Amplification Amp Central Reactive Load
- York Audio Impulse Responses
- Cubase 11 (Steven Slate Drums 5.5)

York Audio Impulse Responses: https://www.yorkaudio.co/

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Heavy Rock/Metal Riffs In Drop C# (Feat. ENGL Fireball 100)
02:17 Why Do I Love This Guitar?
05:20 Main Review
06:45 QC Issues?
08:50 Clean Picking On The Neck Pickup (Feat. Wangs 2204HW)
10:20 Specs & Details
14:27 Metal Riffs In Eb "Standard" (Feat. Victory Super Kraken VX100)
16:04 Review Continued
16:51 The Case And Accessoires
17:24 Conclusion

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Disclaimer: both the Wangs 2204HW and Victory VX100 were sent to me to feature on the channel by the companies but all opinions on ALL pieces of gear on my channel are 100% my own!

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