Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Mods Advanced Pickup Controls (from 3 to 21+ Sounds)

Here's a quick demo of the pallet of tones to be had from the Jimmy Page custom wiring array. There are something like 21 sounds from this arrangement, many more when you take into consideration the volume, tone and R/C settings. Gibson pickups require internal rebuilding (not for the faint hearted). Luckily most modern pickups are equipped with four conductor leads.

490R & 498T, Bridge Pickup 7.3k 7.3k, Neck Pickup 4.1k 4.1k
Custom R/C network on Volume controls
Push Pull Switching:

Volume = coil splitting (Humbucker/Single Coil)
Tone = bridge pickup series/parallel (from LP/Straty sounds)
Volume = coil splitting

Tone = phase reversal using two pickups together

Les Paul/Tube Echoplex EP-2/AC4/Alnico 12
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