Giveaway! Subscribe & Leave Comments For Chances to Win a Heathkit AA-1219 Amplifier! • P1: Unboxing

I've got too much stuff and it’s time to start giving some away. Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment in any of my videos for a chance to win a 1980s Heathkit AA-1219 amplifier. I'll pick a random winner after the kit is built. That's right, it's an unbuilt kit. And in this series I'll unbox it, build it, test it and give it away. Just follow these rules:

• Each comment is a chance to win. The more you comment, the better your chances.
• You must subscribe to the Flux Condenser channel to qualify.
• Comment on as many of my videos as you like.
• Comment AFTER fully watching the video.
• Comments must be in the YouTube comments section.
• Please, no overly repetitive comments.
• Comments must be constructive.
• It’s OK to just say, “nice video” or something short.
• I’ll delete any comment I consider disingenuous.
• I’ll pick a winner randomly after the amp has been built.
• There will be no cost to the winner, not even shipping.
• I’ll provide no warranty on the amp, but will do my best to assist if problems arise.
• I’m an experienced builder and will build the amp per the instructions.
• Using the amp, however, is at your own risk.

Here are the topics covered in this video and time stamps:

0:00 Introduction
0:09 It's Your Lucky Day!
1:16 How to Increase Your Odds of Winning
1:23 About The Heathkit AA-1219
2:34 Unboxing The Kit
3:02 Do You Know the Code?
3:22 A Brief History of Heathkit's Final Years
4:00 A Speed Read of the Instruction Manual
4:57 How I Feel About Preassembled Parts In Kits
5:42 Phono Stage Integrated Circuit
7:03 Safety Capacitors
7:14 Heathkit's Strange & Clever Lightbulb Trick
7:31 Let's Talk Electrolytic Capacitors
8:34 Solid Wood Side Panels
9:11 Giveaway Rules

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