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God of War Ragnarok is officially out, and with it, Santa Monica Studios has given us a lot of options in regards to the graphical settings as well as some slightly confusing audio settings. I'll also talk about how to get the best HDR experience and what you can do if you find certain HDR settings on LG OLEDs a bit too dim.

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Intro - 00:00
HDR settings (PS5 HDR system level calibration) - 00:24
4K/60Hz settings - 02:30
4K/120Hz settings - 03:52
4K/120Hz with VRR settings - 05:20
Audio Calibration settings - 07:06
Film grain and motion blur settings - 08:36
My recommended settings for home theaters - 09:01
These settings may help other display types as well - 09:53
How does it look at 1440p resolution? - 10:05
If you find HGiG TOO dim - 10:58
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