GoLiveMic K-1 Twin Kit Professional 4-Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer with 2 Wireless Microphone

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✅Compact, powerful mixing console, which can meet your needs for the occasions such as daily-life small-scale concerts, family music making, Karaoke replay, network broadcasting or Karaoke, etc.

✅Up to 4-channel inputs with built-in 48V phantom power, a high-impedance guitar amplifier, a MP3 player, a computer sound card, an effector, etc..

✅Built in Bluetooth function, supports most of the Bluetooth function of the electronic equipment wireless connection, fast docking.

✅Intelligent compatibility with various devices: wireless microphone, power amplifier, mobile phone, computer, electronic instrument, wired microphone, audio.

✅Portable and light-weight, can be directly connected to the USB port of PC for power supply without extra power supply. It can be operated by connecting the computer with USB for power supply, you can also use mobile phone power supply or USB adapter for power supply.

✅Microphone with built in wireless receiver, automatic frequency matching between microphone and receiver
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