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Project Description:
Ever since I made a video on Google Spreadsheet and ESP8266, many boys and girls have been requesting me to make Google Spreadsheet and ESP8266 part-2 video; to explain how do we send data or sensors threshold values from Google Spreadsheet to ESP8266 or ESP32?

Well, let me tell you that in Part-1, I explained how you can send data from ESP8266 to Google Spreadsheet. So, if you want to monitor sensors, or send any other data from ESP8266 or ESP32 to Google Spreadsheet, then I highly recommend that you guys must watch my previous video.

Sending data to Google Spreadsheet from ESP8266 or ESP32 is quite easy and you will get many videos on it. However, sending data from Google Spreadsheet to ESP8266 or SEP32 is a bit tricky. And there is not a single video available on it, so I decided to make a detailed video on it.

So, in today’s episode, you will learn how to make a Soil Moisture monitoring system using Google Spreadsheet or Google Sheets, ESP8266 WiFi module, a Soil Moisture Sensor, if you don’t have this particular soil moisture sensor it’s ok you can use any other type of the soil moisture sensor, you will also need a 5V buzzer, and an Oled display module.

All the components I am using in this project, I have already made beginners level videos on them; the links of which you can find in the description given below.

I have connected everything as per the circuit diagram which I will explain in a minute. But first I am going to explain how this project actually works and then I will start practical demonstration.

On the monitoring side, I have two Google Spreadsheets. On this Google sheet I am using 5 columns for monitoring Date, Time, Temperature, Humidity, and Soil Moisture. On this Google Spreadsheet I am receiving data from the ESP8266.


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