Grade 12 IEB Physical Sciences Paper 1 in 37 minutes (Audio Recording)


A summary of all the physical sciences you learn in grade 12

The audio recording thats about to play contains a summary of everything we learnt in the grade 12 matric year and even some of the things we learn in grade 11.

I used this recording to study for my prelims and the final ieb matric exam

these recordings made up a huge part of my studying and I barely made any notes - listening to recordings of myself to study really worked for me, my mom introduced me to it, and ive been using this method to study since middle school.

Anyway, i hope this audio recording helps, you can use it to supplement your own studies, get a quick overview of everything you’ll leran durung the year, revise or get an idea of how you can make your own recording.

I’ll make sure to add timestamps for certain topics. Peace.

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