Ground Zero Radioactive amplifier unboxing, Dyno, Install Car Stereo Lab

On this episode of Car Stereo Lab we go all out. Unboxing 2 of the Ground Zero RadioActive Amplifiers. Real Word amp Dyno's both of them, that is a 13.5volt test. Then we put them in the Lab, set them up and take a listen. We hope you enjoy this one.

0:00 intro to the Radioactive Groundzero amps
0:20 unbox the GZRA 4HD
7:15 gut shot of GZRA 4HD
7:42 Real World amp Dyno of the GZRA 4HD
8:39 unbox the GZRA 2HD
11:58 Gut shot of the GZRA 2HD
12:09 Real World amp Dyno of the GZRA 2HD
12:47 first look at FOUR Connect power wire we are going to use
14:18 start the basic lay out of the amp rack
16:44 The RCA go into place
19:01 the speaker wires go into place
22:41 the sub wire is added to the amp
23:53 the Four connect power wire goes into place
26:16 the slow pan of the amp rack
26:32 time to add the amps into the Lab to listing
28:18 set gains with the SMD DD1
29:24 set crossovers with the SMD CC1
31:24 hop in to do the listen test
32:05 play test track Mid bass and tweeter only
33:04 play with added subwoofer
35:35 rap up the video with final thoughts

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