Gryphon Audio EOS 2 Speakers REVIEW : Forget what you think you know

This is my review of the Gryphon Audio Designs EOS 2 HiFi speakers that are very high end, featuring lots of new interesting technologies and design. They are also beautiful to look at.

These are high end speakers designed with smaller rooms in mind and placement close to the front wall which is very different and how the speakers sound when you do is really quite different as well.

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Video Equipment


Video Monitor / Recorder

Hard Drives

HDMI Cable



0:00 Intro
3:03 Soundstage
5:09 EOS 2
9:07 System Synergy
11:25 Sound Quality
17:09 Final Thoughts

The HiFi System seen in this video

Acoustic Treatments from GIK Acoustics

Music Source Custom Built Audio PC featuring products from JCAT XE USB Card, Optimo 3 Duo Linear Power Supply, Signature Cables USB and SATA, Net Femto Network Card, JCAT Grounding Cable

NAD M10 V2
MAD M23 Power Amplifier

Gryphon EOS2 Speakers

Turntable AVID HIFi Ingenium Plug & Play

DAC in the video Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2
Chord Hugo M Scaler
Wave High Fidelity cables

Power IsoTek EVO 3 NOVA / IsoTek Genesis One / IsoTek EVO 3 Titan

Tellurium Q Statement Analogue Cable
Power Cables Tellurium Q Silver, Silver Diamond
Tellurium Q Statement Digital cable.

Tungsten Grooves W70 Isolation Feet

HiFi Racks - Quadraspire Q4 Evo
HiFi Racks Podium Reference.
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