GTRS PTNR GCA5 GTRS PTNR Mini Bluetooth Amplifier Commercial

MOOER is excited to announce the new GTRS PTNR Mini Bluetooth amplifier, the ultimate companion to MOOER’s GTRS Guitar. The PTNR “Partner” amplifier is a lightweight, compact amplifier offering easy connection of external devices via Bluetooth and instrument connection utilizing the 1/4” input jack. The 2000 mAh battery means you can take it on the go and jam for up to 7 hours before needing a charge.

The amp itself is a 5-Watt amplifier pumping through a 2.2” speaker with 4-ohm impedance and a vibrating diaphragm tuned for bass frequencies that sound great despite a compact form-factor. Charging your PTNR is convenient as it uses a USB-C charging port that follows the same specifications as the GTRS guitar.

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