Guitar Tone Tuesday: Ep 147 - Introduction to Mayfly Pedals Ft. The Sketchy Zebra Phaser & Vibrato!

Guitar Tone Tuesday: Ep 147 - Introduction to Mayfly Pedals Ft. The Sketchy Zebra Phaser & Vibrato!

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Lucas Haneman of the LH Express gives you experienced tips and tricks, as well as showcasing lesser known gear in this series.

This glorius box is the first pedal designed by Trevor May (from Mayfly Pedals in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). Based loosely on the 6 stage Electro-Harmonics Bad Stone Phaser from the 80s', the Sketchy Zebra is a phase-shifter and vibrato pedal all in 1. With controls for Speed, Manual, and Feedback, as well as a switch that allows you to hold a frequency of the sound, without constant modulation, and another switch to go from the Phaser mode to the Vibrato mode, this pedal is feature packed! From lush dreamy swirls to hard edged pitch bending dips, the Sketchy Zebra is a pedal that could be at home on many a board as your modulation of choice!

On today's episode we take a listen to the pedal in it's various applications, and learn about the Mayfly backstory, and how one creative mind made best use of his downtime while Canada was in lockdown in 2020.

To find out more about Trevor's wonderful pedals and amps check out his website:

If you wish to purchace one of these Mayfly pedals please visit:

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Do you like Phase-Shifters, and what are your impressions of this home-grown pedal and amp company so far? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below!

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