Guitar Tone Tuesday: Ep 149 - Old VS New Affordable Transistor Amps FT. Yamaha JX & Boss Katana!

Guitar Tone Tuesday: Ep 149 - Old VS New Affordable Transistor Amps FT. Yamaha JX & Boss Katana

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Lucas Haneman of the LH Express gives you experienced tips and tricks, as well as showcasing lesser known gear in this series.

A lot of players these days are switching to non-tube amplifiers, if they're even using a traditional amp at all. Reason being is that transistor amps are generally more stable and reliable when compared to their tube counterparts.

If it sounds good, it is good, and Lucas is happy to use any tool that will get the job done. For this reason today's episode is about old vs. new transistor options that in Lucas's opinion sound very transparent, warm and dynamic, with the added benefit of also being quite affordable.

This Yamaha JX 35 made in 1981 or so is one of Lucas's favourite amps for recording. Even with its old school transistor technology, the JX amps, along with Yamaha's G series from around the same time, have a bit of the natural sag and compression one would associate with tubes, and they take pedals very well. They are still quite affordable, and if you hunt around, you can find one.

On the other hand, this Boss Katana Artist 100, made just a couple years ago, has many more features, and is much louder than the Yamaha, but the basic clean tone also makes a fantastic pedal platform, sharing some of those same characteristics with it's in built "Tube-Logic" tech. It's affordable, and extremely popular for these reasons.

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Did you think these 2 amps sounded good? Did you prefer one over the other, and do you own one of these fine affordable amps? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below!

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