Guitar Tone: What Matters? (actual tests, no opinions)

Testing many parts of the electric guitar signal chain to find out what makes a difference in the tone and what doesn't.

0:00 - Goal for this video
0:41 - Preview of tests
1:40 - Picks and Picking
4:56 - Guitar Type and Pickup Position
6:52 - String Age
7:42 - Guitar Cables
9:33 - Amp Bias Type
10:44 - Attenuators
13:04 - Voltage
16:15 - Speaker Cables (and a surprise)
17:47 - Guitar Cabs and Speakers
22:10 - Cab Position In Room
22:57 - Mic Position and Type
25:00 - Mic Cable
25:40 - Preamps
26:59 - Conversion (A/D)
27:51 - Sample Rate, Bit Depth, and Data Compression

Gear used:
-1999 Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic (Translucent Blonde, Ash top on Ash back) with Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack bridge pickup and Gotoh Modern Tele bridge
-2004 Gibson SG '61 RI, Sapphire Blue
-1997 Gretsch 6120, Blue Sunburst
-1990s Johnson Strat copy, Blue
-D'Addario XL strings (10-46, Gretsch has 11s)
-Clayton Acetal Teardrop .50mm pick (for everything except the pick tests)
-Dunlop 500 Delrin .46mm, .71m, 1.14mm, and 1.50mm picks
-Dunlop Ultex .73mm pick
-Dunlop Tortex .73mm pick
-Fender Medium pick
-Wegen Bluegrass Pick
-BlueChip TP48 pick
-Spectraflex G-Flex 21' guitar cable
-PloYnk 60' guitar cable
-George L's 4" guitar cable
-2001 Boss CS-3 compressor pedal
-2020 Nobels ODR-1 BC pedal (painted black)
-Xotic RC Booster pedal (v1)
-Paul Cochrane Timmy pedal (v2)
-1990s Ernie Ball Volume Pedal w/tuner out
-Sonic Research Turbo Tuner mini pedal
-Boss TR-2 Tremolo pedal (painted black)
-Line 6 HX Stomp pedal
-Truetone OneSpot CS-6 power supply
-XTS board and cables with square plugs
-2001 Carr Slant 6V 1x12 combo amp w/Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
-PloYnk 50' speaker cable 6' speaker cable
-EWI 6' Speaker cable
-Dr. Z Trainwreck Licensed Air Brake attenuator
-Furman AR-1215 Voltage Regulator
-AmpRX Brown Box
-Carr 2x12 Cab with 1999 Celestion Vintage 30 and 1967 Fender Utah speakers
-Dr. Z Monza 1x10 combo with Eminence Red Fang speaker
-Dr. Z "shorty" 1x12 Cab with Celestion Gold speaker
-Dr. Z Maz "38 Special" 1x12 combo with Altec Lansing 417 Series II speaker
-Dr. Z Jetta 1x12 combo with Celestion G12H-30 speaker
-Dr. Z Galaxie 1x12 combo with Celestion G12-65 speaker
-Dr. Z Mazerati 1x12 combo with Celestion Blue speaker
-Dr. Z RX ES 1x12 combo with Celestion Gold speaker
-Avatar 1x15 cab with Eminence Legend speaker
-Dr. Z Z-Best 2x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30 and H30 speakers
-Dr. Z Z-Best 2x12 cab with Eminence Patriot Red White & Blue speakers
-Dr. Z Z-Wreck 2x12 cab with Celestion Blue and Gold speakers
-Marshall Bluesbreaker 2x12 combo with Celestion G12M Greenback speakers
-Dr. Z DB4 2x12 combo with Celestion Blue speakers
-Marshall 4x12 cab with Celestion G12T-75 speakers
-Shure SM57 mic
-Sennheiser MD421 mic
-PloYnk 60' mic cable
-Pro Cables 'N' Sound mic cables
-1970s Neve 31105 preamp module
-2009 Vintech 473 preamp
-DIY API-style preamp
-Apollo Quad 8p with Neve and API unison plugins
-Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
-Pro Tools 12
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