Hacking the Supply Chain with Scott Stiefel - TWiRT Ep. 582

Everyone is being affected by "supply chain" delays and difficulties these days. Broadcast engineers are waiting longer for equipment delivery - sometimes a lot longer. What's behind these delays? Didn't they get that container ship unstuck from the Suez Canal a long time ago? Some delays are being mitigated by equipment redesign - others by costly air freight. Scott Stiefel at Telos Alliance is seriously plugged in to supply chain management and the issues of the past 2 years. Indeed, he's one of our industry's leading experts on working through and around these challenges.

Show Notes:

An Overview of the Top 5 Semiconductor Foundry Companies

More wafer fabs in the US – When, how?

Fire Destroys AKM Audio Chip Factory: Can 2020 Get Any Worse?

Kirk notes that the short story, “I, Pencil: The Movie”, gives an excellent overview of a cooperative supply chain, demonstrating its complexity. (6 ½ min video)

Scott’s Tip: Schedule a meeting with yourself. Here’s how.
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