Hangzhou E sports Center

Hangzhou E-sports Center, one of the main venues for Hangzhou Asian Games and China biggest single curved building, with total building area 82,000sqm, 4,087 seating capacity (fixed chair & telescopic system), is open on May 31st, 2022.
Dafeng’s proud that we get to support with accummulated integrated solution & experience, in terms of
1) LED Display & Control System
360 degree surrounding circumferential screen & advertising screen, dynamic screen, 3D holographic display, and big size interactive mechanism to build immersive game watching experience.
2)E-sports & Performance Sound Reinforcement System
With the main and backup digital mixer, digital and analog dual-channel power amplifier signal transmission system, Ethernet remote control, monitoring power amplifier;
The venue main amplifying system using 6 sets high-quality line arrays loudspeaker, 6 sets complementary speakers are set in front of the auditorium, also 12 subwoofers, 4 stage fixed return speakers, and 6 stage flow return speakers are equipped to realize the best hearing experience.
3) Performance Lighting System
Compared with traditional sports venues, e-sports is more focussed on atmosphere building. At the ceiling, 192 sets liftable effect lamps, which can rotate up & down, left & right 360 degree. During the game, with multi-point spotlight, it can create lighting effect like concert hall.
4) Mechanical Hoist System
To accommodate the venue multi-purpose function, mechanical hoist system can flexibly meet the requirement. 66 sets 0.5t electric chain hoists, distributed in special-shape triangle, along the roof strucure beam track. Each circle’s customized with 6 sets alum-alloy arc truss. Each group of arc-shaped truss rack is lifted by 3 chain hoists synchronously, which can hang lamps or decorations per the needs.
6 groups audio chain hoists are set along 16m diameter from the center point, and 12 sets 2 ton electric chain hoists are evenly set at diameter 12m position for scoreboard screen hanging.
5) Venue Lighting System
42 sets 600W LED spotlights for venue lighting, while 12 sets 200W LED spotlights and 19 sets 100W LED spotlights.
For the security lighting, 6 sets 200W LED spotlight, 10 sets 100W LED spotlight are evenly distributed on 2 ring catwalk.
6) Sports Competition Intelligent System
Mainly refers to flg raising control system, standard clock control system, image collection system, fare collection system, rebroadcasting system, information release system, sports display system, timing and scoring system and event integrated system etc.
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