Happy Nerding FM AID / extensive playthrough / it's a wavefolder as well!

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In this video about FM AID by Happy Nerding I focus less on the technical aspects of this interesting TZFM module but instead I try to demonstrate what different sources sound like when the are processed through its circuits. Besides waveshaping it's capable of producing FM timbres, wavefolded tones as well as sounds that resemble hard sync, ring modulation, PWM, ... . I'm actually pretty impressed by the sturdiness and build-quality of this module (and other Happy Nerding modules) and since I'm a Joranalogue Audio Design and Manhattan Analog fanboy that's kind of a big deal to me.


0:00 intro
0:10 hi
1:18 saw carrier / no modulator
8:10 some feedback
10:16 sine carrier / no modulator
12:45 sine carrier / braids modulator
16:18 vocal sample carrier
20:36 adding drums
21:10 drums carrier
23:33 outro
24:40 thanks for watching!

DISCLAIMER: Happy Nerding sent me this module to make a review about it but in no way does this influence the content of this video. My goal is to show you what it does and how it sounds like.
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