Harley Benton Tube 15 - Affordable Valve Amp Review - Monoprice Stage Right Euro Version

Several of our favourite guitars feature this week as we test out the highly affordable Harley Benton Tube 15 valve amp. We throw it some meaty P90's, mighty Humbuckers, and some vintage Telecaster twang to see if it can handle it. Go grab a drink and join us to to find out!

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00:00 play in & coming up
01:15 introducing the amp
04:50 introducing the guitars
06:12 control panel labels
07:36 setting the controls
08:40 epiphone sg special
10:36 the sound in my head
12:24 let's play something part 1
13:27 tokai love rock
16:29 let's play something part 2
18:38 fender telecaster standard
22:22 1w attenuator setting
23:35 let's play something part 3
24:49 so what do we think?
27:53 and finally...
28:55 play out jam

Signal Chain Info:
TC Polytune / Boss CS3
Drive Pedals: TC Spark / Big Muff
Boss DD7 / Boss RC5 Looper
Amp: Harley Benton Tube15
Mics AKG C414 & SM57
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 into Protools

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