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The Deadbug Circuits Babel is a four-voice, pedalboard-friendly drone synthesizer. It features four independent drones that can be independently tuned, allowing you to create anything from a massive wall of unison drone, to more complex chords. It fits right on your pedalboard and features an instrument input for blending your dry instrument signal with the drone and running it all into your guitar or bass amplifier. A master volume control governs the volume of all four drones, and allows you to balance the mix between guitar and synthesizer. The Filter knob rolls off some treble to mellow Babel's bite, great for pushing the drone tones back in the mix a bit when needed. And perhaps best of all, Babel also features a dedicated effects loop for the drone synth, allowing you to manipulate the drones in any way you choose.

In this video demo, I pair the Deadbug Circuits Babel with a Squier Bass VI for a droning noise rock/post punk ripper, with the Electronic Audio Experiments Hypersleep reverb and Alexander Pedals Wavelength modulator in the effects loop. Then I run down the functions, turning the knobs and letting your hear what's happening under the hood.

Gear used in this video demo:
Deadbug Circuits Babel Drone Synth
Electronic Audio Experiments Hypersleep
Alexander Pedals Wavelength
Line 6 DL4 Lo-Fi Echo (on the Bass VI)
Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI in shell pink
Traynor TS50B bass head
Traynor YBA-1 head
4x12 cab w/ Celestion G12H-90 speakers

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