Has Digital Gear Ended The Reign of Guitar Amps?

Have digital guitar pre amps taken over for tube amps? Have units like the Fractal Audio Axe FX and the Kemper Profiler and the Neural DSP Quad Cortex made amps obsolete? In this video I am going to discuss the question, are amps dead? We will look at comparisons of amps with the Kemper Profiler and the Axe FX (and more) in the context of a mix.

We are going to test you ears. Can you hear a tube amp versus a Kemper Profiler? Can you hear an Axe FX vs a tube amp? Let's find out how good your ears are. Let's find out how good amp modeling is. Let's play a game!

Gear used in video:
Kemper Profiler
Axe FX 3
Tube Amps
Paoletti Telecaster
Skervesen Tamandua
Lionheart Guitar
Matchless Amp
Vox Amp
Friedman Amp

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