[HD] Home Brew 8 Tubes 6L6GC PP Stereo Amplifier

Home-brewed 8 Tubes Stereo Amplifier.
Chassis is hand me down from an old solid state amp Technics(Panasonic) 21A
Final stage : 6L6GC Push-Pull, (China made)
Fixed bias for control grid
Drive stage : 6SQ7-GT (Matsushita)
Used only triode part
Phase reverse stage : 12AU7 (Matsushita)
Output transformer : Sansui SW-30-6
Power rectifier : 1N4007x2 voltage doubler
Power transformer : PV-145 Sansui
Filter Choke Coil : 5H 250mA Sansui
VU metering : Original analog meters w/chassis
Speakers : BOSE 111PYB
Music Source : CD (Bossa Rio "WAVE")
Movie : filmed by Nikon D5000 (HD)
Lens : AiAF-Nikkor 50mm F1.4D f2.2 1/30Sec manual forcusing
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