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Metallica Live 1986.
Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich.
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Best Heavy Times


The months leading up to the September 27, 1986 tragedy are often considered to be Metallica's Golden Age - an era in
which left the band hungry for success, unbridled and unstoppable in both their creativity and their performances.
"I think the Puppets time was our best," says James Hetfield. "What the band looked like and felt like. We knew what for
we were able to do what we had to do, what not to do, and what felt right. We tried a lot and became more confident in our craft and it all came together naturally. Everyone contributed and we were all very happy with it. We also had a lot in common personally. We were confident about our roots, we felt part of the Bay Area, and we knew what we stood for. With this album
we represented the Bay Area around the world."

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