Headamp GS-X Mini Headphone Amplifier Review

Thanks to Headamp for sending over a GS-X Mini for review.
The headphones primarily used for the review were the Audeze LCD-5, Meze Elite and Final D8000 Pro.

Thanks also to Headamp for sponsoring this channel.

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00:00 Start
01:18 About the GS-X Mini
02:12 Inputs
02:53 Outputs
03:07 Attenuator options
04:14 Pre-amp output
05:34 Review set-up
06:36 Sound
07:46 Headphones impressions
08:30 Luxman P-750u comparison
09:02 Singxer SA-1 Soncoz SGA-1
10:24 Overview of impressions
11:55 The Law of Diminishing Returns
12:53 How to get my advice
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