Hear the Dept.10 AMPED | Blackstar

The Dept. 10 AMPED 1 is a professional 100 Watt guitar amp in a compact pedal. It turns any pedalboard, modeller, or multi-effector into a performance ready amp and ensures you can take your sound with you anywhere.

Learn more: https://blackstaramps.com/amped/

The backing track used at 00:32 is part of the Mellow Atmospheric Groove Collection- Vol. 4 collection, created by Elevated Jam Tracks.

The backing track used at 01:31 is part of the Explosive Hard Rock & Metal Collection- Vol. 2 collection, created by Elevated Jam Tracks.

All music & composition is created by and belongs exclusively to Elevated Jam Tracks.

You can find and purchase all of Elevated Jam Tracks compositions here: https://elevatedjamtracks.bandcamp.com

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