HEAR USB cables for music ? UNBELIEVABLE ! Wireworld vs VERASTARR

I wish cables in a high end stereo system did not make such an obvious difference. It would make setup much simpler and cost less. Heres a comparison between a VERASTARR Nemesis and a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 3.0. both are right around $500 for a 1M. The difference between the two while listening was nothing short of profound.
Drives me up the wall that every little cable in a "Instrument level" stereo system can be potentially crucial to the sonic. Hearing is believing. I have tried to ignore it but now the system is at full tilt boogie, meaning theres no more gear to concern with, so now its the time for fine tuning.
Here we go !!!

Wireworld Platinum Starlight 3.0 VERASTARR Nemesis

Castles made of Sand 2:19 10:34

Englishman in NY 4:01 6:32
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