Heathkit AA-18 Solid-State Amplifier: Restoration, demonstration, theory (& making a speaker for it)

In this video, I talk about a piece of vintage electronic audio equipment, the model AA-18 by Heathkit, which was their most popular and long-produced audio product; "The little Amplifier that could". I cover my history with this model, my restoration of one example, and demonstrate my tests on the unit and give a brief demonstration of it in use. I also go through the Heathkit assembly and owner's manual, and present the schematic diagram while discussing the circuit theory.

But that is only part of this long video. At least half of the video details my design and fabrication of a custom speaker/line-level audio mixer and its wooden cabinet, using almost entirely only things I had laying around.

Here is the index using timeline markers:
00:00 Introduction
05:42 History
15:26 Overview
23:57 Restoration
29:28 Testing
37:26 Speaker cabinet design
51:07 Speaker cabinet fabrication
1:59:59 Sound demonstration of amplifier & speaker
2:02:17 Manual overview
2:04:48 Schematic diagram & circuit theory
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