Heathkit IM-2262 Digital Multimeter (DMM): History, Restoration, Demonstration, Theory

In this video documentary, I cover the Heathkit IM-2262 digital multimeter (DMM), a piece of vintage electronic test equipment. This is a companion piece to my similar documentaries on the IM-2260 and IM-2264, and is part of my overall series covering ALL of Heathkit's DMM's.

I talk about the history of this model in the context of Heathkit's other related offerings, I give an overview of the meter's features and operation, I talk briefly about my restoration of the metered pictured in the video, I go through the Heathkit manual, I demonstrate the meter in operation, and finally I give a detailed exploration of the schematic circuit diagram and talk about the theory of operation as I have learned through my reverse engineering process.

Here is a guide to the various chapters of the video:
0:00:00 Introduction and History
0:09:43 Overview
0:16:59 Internal views
0:36:28 Restoration
0:39:18 Making a new "wall wart" AC power adapter for the meter
0:41:08 Which kinds of modern test leads will work with a meter like this?
0:43:31 Demonstration of the meter in operation
0:57:53 Beauty shot
0:58:29 Heathkit manual overview
1:11:39 Schematic diagram and circuit theory
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