Helix 3.50 Has Landed! Complete Feature Rundown

Update notes from Line 6: https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helix-350-release-notes-r1003/
The Line 6 crew has outdone themselves with this update - 5 new amp models, 6 new effects, dual IR blocks, and most importantly, an entire reworking of the stock cabinet system. In this video I'm running through absolutely everything you should be aware of with this update. I'm also playing through each new effect and sharing a few tips on how to best make use of the new features.

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▶️ *Highlights*
0:09 - Overview
0:36 - How to update
2:02 - New amp & effect models
5:22 - HX Stomp accessory guide
6:00 - Dual impulse response block
6:27 - Reworking of the cabinet models
8:30 - Dialing in the PV Vitrol amp models (Peavey Invective)
11:44 - Dialing in the Moo)))n amp models (Sunn Model T)
14:14 - How to work the new stock cab parameters
17:45 - Using Dynamic Ambience for "amp in the room"
20:10 - 4-Voice Chorus explanation
21:06 - Easy tones with the Flexovibe
22:19 - Tube Screamer tones with the Pillars (EQD Plumes)
23:47 - Vital Distortion / Boost (EQD Life)
25:23 - Boctaver (Boss OC-2 octave)
26:45 - Dual impulse response block tutorial
30:17 - Outro

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