HELIX, HX Stomp & Pod Go Preset Tutorial! HUGE 6, 7, 8 And 9-String Tones!

00:00 Introduction and basic tips
02:47 HUGE 6-String guitar tones!
04:22 6-String preset & settings
06:36 HUGE 7-String guitar tones! (baritone)
07:59 7-String preset & settings
09:25 HUGE 8-String guitar tones! (baritone)
11:01 8-String preset & settings
12:27 HUGE 9-String guitar tones! (baritone)
14:06 9-String preset & settings

Thanks for watching this tutorial video on getting some AMAZING and HUGE heavy tones with Line 6's Helix, Pod Go, and HX Stomp platforms!

Guitars used in this video:

- ESP LTD Phoenix Black Metal (Fishman Fluence Modern)
- ESP LTD SC-607B Stephen Carpenter 7-String Baritone (EMG 81-7)
- ESP LTD SC-608B Stephen Carpenter 8-String Baritone (Fishman Fluence Stef)
- Ibanez Iron Label RGIR9FME 9-String (EMG 909)

For more information on Line 6 products visit www.Line6.com

York Audio IRs: https://www.yorkaudio.co/

Let me know in the comments down below what you think of these tones!

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