Herd of C= Engineers (part 1) - VCFE 2022

At the Vintage Computer Festival East 2022, Commodore engineer Bil Herd gathers 11 other Commodore engineers and employees in a far-reaching discussion of Commodore and its 8-bit computers (like the C64) and 16/32-bit computers (like the Amiga). Filmed by Bernardo on April 23 at the InfoAge Science and History Museums in Wall Township, New Jersey, USA.

On stage were Andy Finkel, Al Charpentier, Benny Pruden, Bil Herd, Bob Russell, Cary Sagedy, Dave Esposito, Dave Haynie, Hedley Davis, Joe Myshko, Neil Harris, Von Ertwine, and moderator Jeff Brace.

This is part 1 of the talk. Part 2 is @
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