Here's How Amazon Echoes Can Be Speakers For Your WHOLE TV! (Hint: Fire TV Stick)

I used this method to create an Amazon Echo Home Theater that works as the speaker for my Apple TV, my Nintendo Switch, my Playstation, my Google Chromecast, my Roku television, and more. That's right, you can have your Echo speakers work with your whole TV today!

When you set up the right kind of Amazon Fire TV Stick as a Fire TV Stick Home Theater system, and then you set all the right settings, your Alexa Home Theater becomes the basis of an incredibly powerful entertainment system.

You'll need to use a Fire TV Stick 4K Max as your basis, alongside an Echo 3rd or 4th generation speaker (preferably 2). Or you could use the Echo Studio (or 2) and an Echo Sub to create a 2.1 system. The difference today is if you have an ARC port on your television, you can do this amazing thing where your Echo speakers act as the speakers for everything.

That's right, it's a Fire TV Stick 4K Home Theater solution for you! Amazing.

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