HiFi System Story: a detailed overview of my complete audio set-up and the history behind it.

In response to several comments and requests, here I reveal my entire hifi system, detailing all the components, including accessories, and how and why I came to use them.
* Turntables, tonearms and phono cartridges
* Phono stages
* Vinyl record cleaning and optimisation treatments
* Reel to reel tape recorders
* Digital audio and DACs.
* Amplification
* Loudspeakers
* Room acoustic treatment
* Cables plugs and sockets, isolation, grounding, mains conditioning along with a plethora of other accessories, cleaning aids and treatments.

For more information regarding my "day job" please check out: https://daviddenyerpr.co.uk
And if you're interested in reel to reel tape please check out my website: https://thereeltoreelrambler.com
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