HiFi Tube Pre-amp: Chassis Fabrication

This video covers the fabrication work I need to do to build this pre-amplifier. The chassis used was one I found on ebay, not sure if these are readily available or not. Any chassis 7X11 inches internally should work for this.

I do have the schematic and the initial BOM up on my website, but obviously isn't a "final" version yet as I'm still building this!


This is a project I am excited about as this is something a lot of folks have asked about: a tube pre-amplifier. This is a clone of a Conrad Johnson pre-amp that uses four 12AX7 tubes. Zero-zone sells this already built for $260ish, but I wanted to build this myself using known quality components and my own layout.

Also as part of this pre-amp series, a viewer is sent me two other China pre-amps, that are already assembled for me to "upgrade", and then do a shootout between them all at the end!
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