HiFi Tube Pre-amp: The build starts!

The Conrad Johnson clone pre-amp build begins! I start with an overview of the chassis layout, some of the parts used and my plan for this build.

This build series will be shorter than some others I've done, and will be more high level as far as solder joint by solder joint detail. Once I get the board populated, I will get into more details in the build process. The chassis used was one I found on ebay, not sure if these are readily available or not.

I do have the schematic and the initial BOM up on my website, but obviously isn't a "final" version yet as I'm still building this!


This is a project I am excited about as this is something a lot of folks have asked about: a tube pre-amplifier. This is a clone of a Conrad Johnson pre-amp that uses four 12AX7 tubes. Zero-zone sells this already built for $260ish, but I wanted to build this myself using known quality components.

Also as part of this pre-amp series, a viewer is sent me two other China pre-amps, that are already assembled, for me to "upgrade" and then do a shootout between them!
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