High-End GM70 Mono Block Valve Tube Amplifier Split Single-ended Class A (lansingaudio.com)

Description GM70 Mono Block.

The amp sounds VERY powerful, with strong bass, pure trebles, scary close mids, deep 3-d soundstage - all I wish for and more. All are 100% handmade with the best materials (say no to China) The frame is made of monolithic aluminum with high precision, very strong

I hope there is nothing that can fail, even after 30 years of service.
The my choice for this project is the GM70 because in a direct comparison with the 845, the GM70 have the same sound quality.
The main advantage of the GM70 is the high voltage gain so it is possible to use a simple one stage driver stage.
us have used a load of about 10Kohm to get a good damping factor (less than 2ohm) and an anode voltage of 1050V to get a power about 48-50w/ 1 channel

Maximum output power: 50W * 2 (Type A)
THD, 1% 1kHz
response Frequency response 10Hz 35kHz (-1.5dB Rat
87dB S / N ratio (weighted A)
Input impedance 100kΩ Impedance
Output: 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω
Power consumption: 620W
Working voltage: 110v-115V / 220v-240V / 50-60Hz
Single Ended triode mono block integrated amp (no need for a preamp)
Rectifier tube 5U4G, (It supplies the small tube section)
Dimensions: 650mm x 420mm x 215mm
weight: net 43 kg per each mono before packing (51 kg packed)
Gross shipping weight of a pair: 105 kg (231 lbs)
Power Tube: GM70 triode, graphite type
Driver: KT88
Input tube 6SL7
Output impedance (speakers recommended) 4Ohm, 8Ohm, 16Ohm
Biasing: AUTO
Anode supply: 1050 VDC
Signal Caps: paper oil capacitors Germany , Elna capacitors, TKD resistors
The frame is made entirely of aluminum with a thickness of 12mm
Unique split design enhances power supply design, separates left and right channels high, clear sound field and no background noise. Independent potential adjustment for adjusting filament noise. High transmission voltage has great dynamics and great linearity

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Location U.S.A : 13841 Bowen st, Garden Grove, CA, United States, 92843
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