High end Greek Tube Integrated Amp—unboxing the LAB 12 integre4 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier

From the Lab 12 site:

Integrated amplifiers are returning in a big way. More and more people simply want to enjoy their music without excessive cable clutter or having the need to deal with multiple devices and the multitude of boxes this brings. Integre4 was designed from the ground up to be the epicenter of any contemporary high-end audio system, with the ability to drive any pair of loudspeakers with gusto and a highly involving nature.

Integre4 produces 2 x 65 Watts using two KT-150 tubes per channel. The onboard regulated high-voltage power supply guarantees an absolutely noise-free signal, whilst eleven low ESR and high capacity capacitors provide instant power on demand and ultra linear output transformers ensure the utmost dynamic, open and natural sound, that extends across the complete frequency range.

MSRP: $4990


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