Hiwatt Hi-5 5w tube guitar amplifier quick demo (all play, no talk)

I promised a few folks a quick rundown of sounds on this new Hiwatt Hi-5 head. Please bear with my rambling demo because it’s me just noodling and cranking knobs so you can hear it in a variety of settings.

It’s an interesting setup because unlike any other 5w head I know of that’s tube, it goes into a 4-ohm cab with no worries. It’s also a 2-channel (!) amp with a separate gain channel that gets ridiculous if you want it to — while the clean channel stays pretty clean when you crank it unless you’re running high-output pickups.

First I go through cleans with a Strat — then a bunch of dirty. The Strat’s bridge pickup is designed to sound a bit more Tele-sounding, though, just for reference.

A little over halfway through I then swap to a Dean with some humbuckers and run through the same.

The cab is running 3x12” but you’re hearing the mic catching 2x12” more or less. The clean sound of this amp has a lot of chime like an old blackface Fender while the gain channel can go through lower breakup sounds into ridiculous fuzzy sweater tones.

Anyhow, I love this cute thing and it’s dumb-simple controls means It’s already a hit with taste-testers in the shop.
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