Owlwood was born when my friend Jamie McDonald (Bastions, Terrible Love) tasked me with resurrecting an obscure overdrive from the 90's used by the likes of Breach and Cult of Luna.

The pedal in question was the elusive 'The Blues' by Gollmer. There was little to no information about it online apart from the odd demo. Due to its rarity we couldn't get our hands on an original unit to trace but Jamie ended up tracking down some gut shots and we slowly pieced together the circuit from those photographs. Once we had a working circuit I felt as though there were some changes that could be made which would make a better, more useful drive pedal.

The core of the circuits topology has stayed the same and I've kept the overall characteristics of the original drive which feels quite amp-like and reminiscent of a cranked Plexi. It's been tweaked to add Body and Tone controls to replace what to my ear felt like a lacklustre tone stack and give the user some more functional tone shaping flexibility to help the pedal sit better in a mix. The circuit was also tweaked for greater overall output to push your amplifier into saturation, This circuit really roars when it's pushing an already dirty amp over the edge.

The gorgeous artwork for the pedal was provided by Jamie.

Gear used in this video:
FerneverGreen Custom Jazzmaster
Fender Pawn Shop Bass Vi
Blackheart Little Giant

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