Home theater build series, Part 18: Flooring and duct cover are done

In this one, we finish the audio panals on the duct, finish the flooring layout. Also briefly discuss our first impressions having watched our first few movies in the space.

Next Video: Lighting is addressed, LED strip goes up, light bulb covers played with, along with some other lighting toys. Impressed with the air purifier. Going to look at the projector hole and cleaning up its aesthetics. Solution to the top screen panels separating probably found.

List of equipment:

- Elite screens 150" acoustically transparent screen
- Epson 6050UB 4k e-shift projector
- Marantz AV7706 pre/pro
- Marantz MM7055 5 channel amp
- Marantz SR9300 AVR in amp only mode to power the surround and heights
- SVS PB3000 subwoofer
- Cambridge audio T-500 towers (for now)
- Cambridge audio MC500 center channel
- Cambridge S300 x4 surround speakers in direct mode
- SVS Prime elevations x4 celling mounted for Atmos
- Sanus a/v rack
- Cables by Monoprice
- Nvidia Shield
- GoPro Hero 8
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