Home Theater Control4 Automation with Kaleidescape | Lighting & Scope Screen JVC Lens Control

In this video, I'm explaining all the details how I automate lighting and screen control in my home theater using a JVC NX7 projector, Seymour AV scope screen, Control4 EA5 controller, NEEO remote, and an Kaleidescape Strato C and Terra C system. I cover the structure of the automation, demo the control, and show how to implement the programming to accomplish this awesome result.

Home Theater Projector Lens Memory | How To Use JVC Installation Modes for Scope Screens

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0:00 System Details
1:25 Default Room Conditions
2:45 Kaleidescape-Based Lighting Control Demo
7:20 Kaleidescape-Based Aspect Ratio Control Demo
11:35 Control4 Kaleidescape Programming Details
14:43 Control4 Kaleidescape Lighting Programming
19:38 Control4 Kaleidescape Aspect Ratio Programming
23:11 Are You Using Home Theater Automation?

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