Home Theater Receiver Placement Tips and Dimensions | Designing your Home Theater AV Rack Cabinet

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Sometimes in life you just need a person who would help you to manage your life and make the best out of it, well the same goes for your home theatre system and a receiver. They both need each other to perform at their best.

One of the common mistakes seen in most of the renovated and designed homes is the amplifier rack or the AV rack unit. The dimensions considered are based upon the traditional white goods brands and their amps, but guess what? For Hi Fi AV Receivers, Amplifiers and Processors what you need is different! And that's why we believe that knowing these 4 Cs of Home Theater receiver placement will avoid your future disappointments of not being able to plan your home theater only because of your AV Cabinet.

These 4 Tips are referred by us as 4Cs for easier memory and in this video we share all of them with you, so make sure to watch till end. And if you have been a victim to a wrong cabinet size, share your experience below in the comments. Will love to hear your story too!

Time stamps -
00:00 - 4Cs for AV Receiver Placement
01:24 - 1. Cooling of AV Receiver
02:55 - 2. Connections of AV Receiver
03:47 - 3. Cabling behind AV Receiver
04:42 - 4. Control of the AV Receiver
06:06 - Summary of 4 Tips

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