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I had so much fun building a home theater with my husband! Because we had time on our hands it was a cool project that we could do together and something that we both enjoyed. I hope you like it. There's many way that you can create a movie room/cinema room. We used the space that we had to design our own entertainment spot. I love that we can conveniently come in here as often as we want and there no addition charge. lol I'm super happy that we found a way to relax, unwind, and spend time together doing something chill. I hope you guys have found ways to spend fun, quality time with your spouse, partner or significant other. Finding couples time is so important. You have to get creative and find ways to stay connected. And I don't know anyone that doesn't enjoy a good movie!
I hope you all enjoy our Home Theater tour!

Our Movie Room Featuring:
Lifx Lights, Samsung T.V., Klipsch Surround Sound, Recliners, Movie Posters, Sound Deadening Curtains, Sound Panels, AVR, Snacks, Wine, Coffee, Video Games, Bean Bag and an Air Purifier. All the things you need to create a Home Cinema. And most of it was purchased from Amazon. We'd like to still do some future upgrades, so we'll see.

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