Honda CR-V 2018 Subwoofer + Amp Install, Speaker Upgrade, Sound Deadening

Ultra high quality aftermarket speakers were upgraded into a 2018 Honda CR-V together with subwoofer and amplifier installation. A roll of sound deadening material were applied within the door panels to achieve a full-music immersion by eliminating rattles and vibrations that can cause unwanted cabin noise. Installation done at the customer's residence in Butuan City.

Focal Performance Access 165AS 2-way component speakers for front doors while Focal Performance Access 165AC coaxial speakers for the rear doors as well. Massive GTX 122 12 inch 750w RMS subwoofer in an L-ported stained plywood enclosure I have done a few months ago, and can be watched on this link - is also put into the system. Subwoofer is powered and driven by Lightning Lab LLBA1500.1F 1500w RMS @ 1 Ohm full-bridge mono amplifier.

An active line output converter is installed within the headunit and tapped to the rear speaker channels for the subwoofer signal. High quality low resistance 5 meter RCA cable is used and tested using PAC TL-PTG2 speaker test tone generator.

Mini ANL fuse holder with a 150 ampere fuse is used in protecting the 4 gauge power cable. From now on, I will be using mini ANL fuses because they are compact and has higher build quality than any other fuse holders. Also they are super cool too.

I forgot to film the installation of subwoofer bass knob on the blank dashboard switch panels because it was getting dark and time is very limited but I managed to install the knob seamlessly on the blanking switch panel.

00:20 - Components to be used in the car audio upgrade.
00:40 - High quality line output converter for the stock headunit.
01:00 - Testing RCA cable using all-in-one car audio tester.
01:15 - LOC or line output converter is securely tied at the back of the stock headunit.
02:00 - How to fish power cable from engine bay through firewall of Honda CR-V.
02:15 - Removing Honda CR-V OEM door speakers.
02:35 - Applying sound deadening material within the door.
02:45 - Applying sound deadening material on the inner door panel covering the holes.
03:00 - Focal Access 165AC coaxial speakers and speaker foam rings.
03:20 - Drilling bolt holes for the aftermarket 6.5 inch speaker spacers.
03:35 - Stainless steel flange bolts and nuts.
04:10 - Secure the crossover network using cable tie and double sided tape.
04:30 - Sound testing coaxial speakers with foam ring installed.
05:10 - Mini ANL fuse holder mounted on the sturdy battery tray.
05:30 - Full range mono amplifier is installed under the back seat.

That is all for today's car audio install and again, I hope you all like the show and I hope you stay subscribed to my channel for more future car audio builds and installs. See you soon. Have a nice weekend!
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