Horde Day 35 - Undead Legacy: The Archer | 18 | 7 days to die | Alpha 20

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Horde Day 35 - Undead Legacy: The Archer | 18 | 7 days to die | Alpha 20

Genosis returns to Undead Legacy AND The Archer in one series! The goal will be to explore all that Undead Legacy has to offer, while being only allowed to use archery, and bladed weapons.

He survived 2 seasons of the Archer, handling horde after horde with only bows. Can he do it with Undead Legacy?

Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TguoMBAHiuhWWrH3jiKwHIhw5nEyTk8C/view?usp=sharing

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7 Days to Die is a "Zombie Horde Survival Crafting Game". Yep, that's a lot of words. That's because 7 days to die is a lot of things. It is a zombie horror game. You are being pursued by zombies with the constant threat of a horde in 7 days, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They come for you on day 7, and you have that much time to prepare. If you survive that horde, another one is coming on day 14, stronger than before. You must improve your base, become more skilled, or you will lose everything. It is also a crafting game, where you can build your base, weapons, tools, even electrical traps, and turrets to keep you alive through the night. It is also a survival game, where you must scavenge food, mine resources, and manage your general health through diseases and dysentery. What makes 7 Days to Die special isn't just that unique mix of gameplay features I describe above, it is also a "fully destructible world" based on voxel technology. You can dig anywhere, destroy anything, in a true sandbox environment. The replay-ability is near infinite, limited only to your imagination and gluttony for punishment. There are multitudes of settings for you to customize your experience to make it as tough, or as creative as you wish. 7 Days to Die is also created with multiplayer in mind. You can collaborate in teams, or strike out on your own as a lone wolf. you can form alliances, group up for the shared experience, or attack other players on PVP servers for the ultimate survival challenge. Will you be the member or a community, or a threat from afar? The many, many choices are yours.
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