Hotone Ampero 2 Stomp! | Full Track, Full Review and Full Details!!!

Howdy Guys and Gals! The Hotline Ampero 2 Stomp releases on the 11 November 2021 and it is a really amazing amp modeller and effects unit! I loved playing this one! Feels more like being plugged into a tube amp than ever before! Here is a full track showing lots of tones, my full review and thoughts about the unit, and full spec/details as well! Huge thanks to my buddy Ari at Hotone for hooking me up! Enjoy and have an amazing day!!!

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Jay Parmar is a professional musician and inspirational speaker from Brighton, UK. If you are looking for awesome and motivating guitar, music, inspiration and fun videos that will make you smile and brighten up your day then welcome welcome welcome and enjoy!!! And as always, have an amazing and inspiring day!!!

0:00 Track
2:40 Details About Ampero 2
3:01 Why I Like The Ampero 2 So much!
4:06 Specs…
5:44 Preamp And Power Amp Modules
7:22 Nodes and Dual effects Chains
7:51 Hotone CABs
8:51 Audio interface Update and Signal Routing
10:25 Re-Amping With Ampero 2 Stomp
11:29 Inputs and Outputs
12:06 Using with overdrive pedals
12:54 Footswitch Covers
13:03 Ampero Editor Software
13:15 Size and Expandability
13:52 Touch Screen Upgrade
14:44 Price and Availability
15:26 The ‘Surprise’ Preset!
16:16 Track - One More Time!
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