Hotone Capitan Sunset power amp test II (un edited)

**Another** quick video that I put together using two Hotone Capitan Sunset nano amps as power amps for my Mooer GE200 with my clean and dirty Mesa Boogie Patches with --stereo-- effects, BBE Sonic Stomp Sonic Maximizer, and my EV and Celestion Black Widow KKaudio guitar speaker cabinets.

The tone really comes across nicely and this is about three quarters of the way up. I was looking for a way to drive my guitar cabinets without having to use my large guitar amps and this worked out splendidly. I get a really nice guitar tone (studio monitors are nice, but...).

The nano amps are only 5 watts but they crank in a bedroom! And with two of them that's 10 watts.
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