How did people talk before cell phones? | History Remade with Sabrina

How did a simple series of dots and dashes transform worldwide communication? To find out, Sabrina recreates the telegraph, Samuel Morse's groundbreaking 1832 invention (and your cell phone's cool great-grandparent). Learn more in this episode of History Remade with Sabrina.

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Sabrina Cruz
Melissa Fernandes
Taha Khan

Molly Williams

George Lawson

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Jade Codinera

Sabrina Cruz

Sabrina Cruz

Melissa Fernandes

B-Cam / DIT
River Shepperd

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Gabrielle Augustin
Varman Nava

Story Editor
Stephanie Castillo

Chase Madsen

Krisztina Varga
Olivér Varga

Executive Producers
Sarah Walker
Brian Huffman

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Tim Nolan

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Kate Leonard

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Matt Neary

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Additional Footage and Photos Provided By
Wikimedia Commons
Library of Congress

Produced by Answer in Progress for HISTORY®

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When I was a kid, I really wanted to learn Morse Code... My hopes were dashed.
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