How I Designed My Home Theater Rack for Organization & Cooling | Home Theatre Rack How To

In this video, I give a deep overview on how I set up and laid out the equipment in my home theater rack including sources, processors, amplifiers, automation, and more. I go over my full rack, front and back, and discuss the how to of my approach for organization and cooling.

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0:00 Rack Background
0:55 Organization & Cooling
1:44 Utility vs Source Devices
2:04 Power Management
3:45 Tool Drawer
4:14 Automation Devices
5:54 Empty Space
7:10 NAS Server
7:44 Gaming Systems
10:06 Apple TV & Kaleidescape Sources
11:33 Living Room Processor & Amps
12:45 Home Theater Processor & Amps
14:16 Behind the Sources & Processing
15:48 Power Cables Away From Others
16:45 Ethernet Switch & Cables
17:23 Behind the Utility Gear
18:08 Wall Plugs
18:29 What Are Your Rack Strategies?

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