How I Graduated University with NO DEBT

Going to university or college can be such a rewarding experience, but it’s expensive! So here are some of my best tips and practices that I implemented to help me graduate from my University with an engineering degree and no debt. Timestamps are as follows:

00:00 Intro
00:36 How Much Did it Cost Me?
02:18 Tip 1: Do Internships
04:27 Tip 2: Finesse Scholarships
08:16 Tip 3: Top Tier Budgeting
09:30 Tip 4: Don’t Eat Out
11:18 Tip 5: Asking 2x Before Buying
11:45 Tip 6: Don’t Buy Textbooks
11:51 Tip 7: Live at Home

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My name is Tamer Shaheen and I am a recent mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo, currently working as a Mechanical Design Engineer. I like to make videos about university/college, engineering, and personal development. Thank you so much for watching!!
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